Los Angeles, CA – Bump Drunk announced today that it will be working together with former UFC fighter Nate Quarry’s ZOMBIE CAGE FIGHTER brand effective immediately. Company officials are expected to release Bump Drunk created merchandise for the wildly popular ZOMBIE CAGE FIGHTER line in March.

Bump Drunk officials expect this alliance with Zombie Cage Fighter to widen its customer base while Zombie Cage Fighter officials are excited to be putting out the high quality merchandise that BumpDrunk.com has been known for.

This alliance is sure to produce a fantastic mix of attractive and creative merchandise for fans of MMA, Pro Wrestling, Zombie & horror genres.

More information is expected to be released soon…watch out for some incredible Zombie Cage Fighter Designs from BumpDrunk.com

About Nate Quarry
Nathan Parker Quarry is a retired American mixed martial arts fighter who is most notable for his appearance in The Ultimate Fighter, a reality show from the Ultimate Fighting Championship, as well as co-hosting the show MMA Uncensored Live. He now owns and operates Zombie Cage Fighter.

About Zombie Cage Fighter
Zombie Cage Fighter is the ultimate in post apocalyptic attire shopping on this or any other planet! Zombie Cage Fighter’s First Issue Comic Book has just been released.

About BumpDrunk.com

Bump Drunk is a Pro Wrestling Pop Art clothing store specializing in American Pro Wrestling, Japanese Puroresu, British Catch Wrestling and Mexican Lucha Libre. Bump Drunk carries licensed Bruiser Brody merchandise and combines a style of retro, pop culture and street influenced art into their graphic art.



Sione Finau

FROM: The Island of Tonga
HEIGHT: 6’ 1”
WEIGHT: 235 lbs.


This decision is sure to shock many as Sione Finau is just a student in this business of professional wrestling. Even though Sione has not even made his in ring debut yet, his tremendous natural ability and “it” factor earned him the chance to perfect his newly learned craft in the dojo’s of Japan.

This is a the first student to ever win a Z1FSChallenge but it just goes to show you that everyone has a fighting chance to win this competition. We would like to thank all the wrestlers and staff that participated especially All Pro Wrestling for their hospitality in hosting our 4th Fighting Spirit Challenge in North American and for training their students the proper way. This was a very difficult decision. We had a ton of great talent represented in this challenge but we can only pick one and Mr. Finau is the man we have chosen to represent All Pro Wrestling and Northern California in Japan…Good Luck to all that participated in making this one of the most exciting FSChallenges to date.




WWE Hall of Famer EDGE Endorses BumpDrunk.com’s SHOGUN Scholarship Winner

As the youngest child of 13 siblings, Steven Walters loved watching his heroes battle inside the squared circle, but none captivated his attention more than “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan. “He was the man,” Walters emphasized. Hulk Hogan may have ignited his dream to become a professional wrestler, but it’s Walter’s hard work that is helping him take that dream to the pinnacle as the winner of BumpDrunk.com’s SHOGUN scholarship.

At only 25 year old, Walters will now be traveling to Japan, looking to shine by competing for one the world’s most talked about wrestling organizations, Zero-One. Walters will be training and living in Japan over the next three months – something his idol, Hulk Hogan, wasn’t able to accomplish until he was two years older than Walters. But Walters is no stranger to hard work or being on his own…

Steven Walters left an unstable home situation at the tender age of 15, fighting for survival at every turn, yet never losing sight of his dream. When Walters was of age, he began training to follow in his heroes’ footsteps, and after honing his craft with help from professional wrestling stars like former National Wrestling Alliance tag team champion Ricky Morton,TNA’s Gunner, and former WCW superstar Lodi – his life took a turn for the better the day he met WWE Hall Of Famer EDGE.


“Steven is the first and most likely only guy outside of WWE who I’ve kind of taken under my wing,” EDGE shared in an interview with BumpDrunk.com. “If I didn’t think he was a great kid with a great attitude I wouldn’t have anything to do with him.”

Walters’ attitude and work ethic earned him a WWE tryout, but also caught the eye of WWE Superstar and professional wrestling legend William Regal, who personally offered him a spot on a three-month tour of England.

Now, as the first winner of Bumpdrunk.com’s SHOGUN scholarship, Walters will be adding to his already impressive resume by training and learning through intense competition with such Japanese legends as former Zero-1 and Extreme Championship Wrestling world champion Masato Tanaka, former Zero-1, World Championship Wrestling Cruiserweight, and World Wrestling Federation Light Heavyweight Champion Shinjiro Otani, former Zero-1-MAX International Junior Heavyweight Champion Ikuto Hidaka, former NWA Worlds Heavyweight and Zero-1 Worlds Heavyweight Champion The Almighty Sheik, and current Zero-1 Worlds Heavyweight Champion Akebono.


BumpDrunk.com’s unique SHOGUN Scholarship was created to give a professional wrestler the means to compete in Japan to help further their career in this revered sport. Upon learning of this, EDGE’s thoughts mirrored a myriad of professional wrestlers from the past: “I wish there was something like this when I started.”

“I think it’s great for companies like BumpDrunk to invest in guys like Steven,” EDGE said of his protégé. “They’re the future of the business. Without them, there is no business. I hope Zero-1 is prepared to have their door blown off the hinges.”

What is BumpDrunk?

Bump Drunk is a Pro Wrestling Pop Art clothing store specializing in American Pro Wrestling, Japanese Puroresu, British Catch Wrestling and Mexican Lucha Libre. Bump Drunk carries licensed Bruiser Brody merchandise and combines a style of retro, pop culture and street influenced art into their graphic art.


Who is Adam Copeland (EDGE)?

Adam Copeland is a 2012 World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame inductee and former WWE Superstar. Copeland started his career at the age of 18 in Canada, and debuted for the WWE in 1997. In his career, he went on to become a 4x WWE Champion, a 7x World Heavyweight champion, and a 12x World Tag Team champion with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Christian. Copeland retired in 2011 after successfully retaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXVII.



BUMPDRUNK.com Presents “SHOGUN”: A Japanese Professional Wrestling Scholarship

The first question every professional wrestler should ask themselves is this:
“Do I want to truly make it in the world of professional wrestling or am I content to simply sit on the sidelines as a ‘weekend warrior’?”
This question is hard for many to answer, as real life problems can easily get in the way of one’s dreams – but for a select few – the desire to compete with the best by becoming one of best is so strong, nothing can or will stop them from achieving this goal.

These are the athletes that bleed Professional Wrestling, the select individuals that want it so bad, they work harder than most and it shows – it’s what separates them from the rest of the herd. But…
All that hard work is for nothing without one simple ingredient: OPPORTUNITY.
It is a very rare thing in this business to receive the opportunity to shine – but it’s even rarer that an individual step up and make the most of that opportunity when and IF it arises. We’ve all heard the stories of people that came close to greatness, but came up short when given the chance…
However, for the very small percentage of warriors that rise to the occasion – fame, fortune and honor are all within their grasp.
Are you one of those warriors? Have you put in years of hard work? Sacrificed more than anybody could understand?

Well, today is the day where one warrior gets their reward. A reward based on ability, athleticism, professionalism and respect for oneself, ones piers and for the business of Professional Wrestling. This is SHOGUN: A Japanese Professional Wrestling Scholarship awarded by BUMPDRUNK.com, to recognize excellence in Professional Wrestling and a high morale character.

On February 5, 2013, a warrior will be chosen. This warriors skills and work ethic will be at the highest level. They will have almost everything but that one very important ingredient: OPPORTUNITY. After February 5…this warrior will get the opportunity to take one step closer to making their dream a reality by competing in Japan for the prestigious Puroresu company, ZERO1. They will compete in the upper echelon of the Japanese Professional Wrestling world, against names like Masato Tanaka, Shinjiro Otani and Ikuto Hidaka. The only thing BUMPDRUNK.COM asks, is they represent themselves as professionally as possible and that they live up to the ability they’ve shown that won them this incredible opportunity.
This warrior will have their flight, room and board taken care of and he will be in charge of only one thing, to make it to the next level and become a modern day SHOGUN – a ring general any company would be proud to have on their roster.
We wish you all the very best of luck – send all video and resume submissions to bumpdrunk@gmail.com


Chicago, IL – Locally owned professional wrestling company Resistance Pro, who made national headlines in their inaugural year as a fresh an innovative professional wrestling company, have announced today that they will be forming a strategic alliance with Los Angeles-based professional wrestling superstore BumpDrunk.com effective immediately. R-Pro is certainly no stranger to headlines as the company’s creative director is none other than Billy Corgan the founder and leader of the Smashing Pumpkins, one of the best-selling alternative rock bands of all time. When asked about the partnership with BumpDrunk.com Corgan had this to say “For far too long the wrestling world has been behind the curve when setting trends in fashion; often too willing to follow the edgy norm or let those outside the business appropriate the great symbols and icons of the past. With BumpDrunk you not only have a team who is in the business, but also creating a look and feel that will reach out to everyone”.

Company officials have met and agreed upon fresh new clothing packages of athletic wear and other accessories for both the Resistance Pro company as well as their top stars.

Billy Corgan

Resistance Pro and Bump Drunk officials expect this merger to improve and widen both of their customer bases. In addition to BumpDrunk.com featuring Resistance Pro Merchandise prominently on their website, RPro live events will also stock the Resistance Pro merchandise designed by Bump Drunk.

Resistance Pro is a Chicago-based professional wrestling company created by The Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and brothers Jacques and Gabe Baron. It specializes in an innovative fresh approach to story telling bridging the gap between old school and new school professional wrestling. Resistance Pro has a different approach to creating talent and is the first professional wrestling company to follow guidelines set by the Sports Legacy Institute (SLI) in an effort to protect it’s talent. 

For more info on Resistance Pro, please visit: www.ResistancePro.com - Follow on twitter @RESISTANCE_Pro

Bump Drunk is a Pro Wrestling Pop Art clothing store specializing in American Pro Wrestling, Japanese Puroresu, British Catch Wrestling and Mexican Lucha Libre. Bump Drunk carries licensed Bruiser Brody merchandise and combines a style of retro, pop culture and street influenced art into their graphic art. 

For more info on Bump Drunk, please visit:
 www.BumpDrunk.com - Follow on twitter @BumpDRUNKcom

R-Pro Clothing Line @ www.bumpdrunk.com

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